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Sustainability policy of our company

SzJ Hungary International Transport and Transportation Ltd., as an economic organization providing international and domestic road freight transport - hereinafter: the company - has nearly three decades of experience in road freight transport in international and domestic relations.
It provides its freight services exclusively with its own and leased vehicle assemblies equipped with Euro 6 compliant engines to the full satisfaction of its partners.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and increase the regulation of internal processes, it has been operating a quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, certified by an internationally recognized, accredited certification body, for almost a decade.
Above all, we record that to provide international and domestic road freight as a service in our company

 qualified staff is available, the service is provided only by own, employed staff,
 a modern and safe own vehicle fleet necessary for the transport of goods by road is provided, the average age of this vehicle fleet is appropriate,
 the competent authority permits required for the performance of the activity, the Road Freight Carrier Licenses are in the possession of the company,
 the security of the service is adequate, as the company has liability insurance in the amount of 100,000 EURO,
 we operate a modern vehicle tracking system, among other things our clients can continuously follow the route of the shipment,
 the company has more than a quarter of a century of experience in road freight transport,
 in the course of performing our activity and services, we enforce Regulation 120/2016 on road transit contracts. (VI. 07.),
 we have personal conditions in accordance with Government Decree 261/2011 (XII. 07.) on the conditions for the practice of the road transport profession

In the course of its services, the company continuously monitors the use of materials, energy and other resources in road freight transport services, supports the reuse and recovery of materials, strives to reduce the environmental impact of their traffic, and implements programs to save natural resources.
Our company places great emphasis on the application of technical solutions that mitigate environmental impacts, further develops its processes and applies sustainability as a comprehensive aspect in the performance of its activities, both in its internal and external relations.

The company is committed to protecting environmental values, monitoring the company’s impact on society and the impact of service customers and users, as well as protecting human rights and social responsibility.
We strive to continuously expand the knowledge related to the above, committed to a continuous dialogue between the company and society.

The owners, managers and all employees of the company are committed to

  • provide reliable road freight transport - in addition to cost expenditures that take into account the sustainable operation of our company - for its customers and partners using this service
  • the purpose of the service we provide, the measures taken during the international and domestic road freight transport, is to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum during the performance of the activity
  • plans to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment, operates an environmental management system to mitigate environmental risks, implements and certifies its environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2015 standard with an internationally recognized accredited certification body
  • be familiar with and comply with domestic and European Union legislation, accept and take note of export controls, possible sanctions, customs legislation, as well as United Nations regulations and the regulations in force in any other country to ensure that we do not manufacture and the unlawful sale, use, transfer or re-export of marketed products
  • to significantly reduce our energy consumption, we plan to use the support of an energy specialist, to reduce the electricity consumption of our site by about twenty percent from 2022 by building the planned solar system, we count on the use of domestic and European Union funds to implement the project
  • In order to reduce the risk of pollution from vehicle combinations, have the vehicle assemblies serviced only by a specialist garage.
  • in the maintenance, operation and further development of a vehicle tracking system using modern IT tools in order to reduce the environmental impact
  • encourage the development of individual abilities and skills, guarantee their employees their fundamental rights to association and collective bargaining, support these employee efforts so that employees can freely decide to join local organizations
  • supports the development of its employees with its activities, providing all opportunities for the acquisition of professional and competence-based knowledge and their existential realization
  • provides suitable working conditions for its employees, creating the material conditions for healthy and safe work, we are preparing to introduce, operate and then certify our occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the MSZ ISO 45001: 2018 standard in 2022 according to our plans
  • the personal data of our employees, business partners and visitors may be recorded, processed and shared only for a specific, lawful purpose, to the extent strictly necessary, with due regard to the will of the data subjects in the processing of personal data
  • recognize the fundamental role of free competition, base competition in all cases on appropriate services, we do not accept any form of conduct or practice aimed at restricting free and fair competition, we condemn defamatory statements about competitors' products or services
  • in the course of their daily work, our employees must always act in the interests of the company, refrain from any form of conflict of interest
  • receives and supports the reporting of possible abuses on the part of our employees, refrains from any retaliation applicable in such cases
  • we monitor the activities and behavior of our subcontractors and suppliers related to sustainability and evaluate them from time to time, we inform our partners about their results, we support their development efforts in this direction
  • We continuously inform the employees of our subcontractors and suppliers about our expectations related to sustainability, and in some cases we check the measures taken by our subcontractors and suppliers in connection with sustainability.
  • we train and encourage our employees to carry out their work in accordance with our sustainability policy, we strive to reduce the generated waste through technical and organizational measures and technological upgrades
  • ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability in the longer term

We consider the full implementation of the logistics requirements of the German Daimler AG to be our priority.
In order to optimize its costs related to customer logistics, our company is constantly developing its IT, vehicle management and product tracking IT system.
In road freight transport, road safety is a key part of our business policy.

The company's employees are familiar with the company's sustainability policy and their activities are in line with all its aspirations.
The sustainability management of the company reviews its sustainability policy every year in order to make its validity and adequacy available to its employees and partners at all times.

Kecskemét, July 6, 2021

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