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Code of Ethics

The purpose of this document is to summarize the principles of SzJ Hungary International Transport and Transportation Ltd. - hereinafter: the company - related to employment, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.
Our company, as an international and domestic road freight transport business organization, has nearly three decades of experience in road freight transport in international and domestic relations.
It provides its freight services exclusively with its own and leased vehicles equipped with Euro 6 compliant engines to the full satisfaction of its partners.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and increase the regulation of internal processes, we have been operating a quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, certified by an internationally recognized, accredited certification body, for almost a decade.

Why is it important for our company to have a Code of Ethics?
… Because it helps to mediate the expectations of the owners, to fulfill the business goals
… Contributes to the prevention of infringements and the avoidance of more severe sanctions
… Increases the acquisition of a competitive advantage
… Supports cooperation with authorities and external partners
… Provides a handhold for our employees to follow or avoid actions

As a responsible business organization, the company is obliged to make a personal commitment to integrity, so we expect and demand extremely ethical conduct from all our suppliers.
The strong commitment of our partners in this direction is essential to be subcontractors and suppliers to our company and to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship between them and our company.

Compliance with legislation

 • Compliance with legislation that protects the health and safety of our employees and ensures environmental protection, continuously improves their effectiveness, and avoids adverse effects on local communities.

• Creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

• Use of employees above the statutory age limit or above.

• Compliance with legislation on employment contracts, wages, working hours, working days and overtime pay.

• Avoiding forced labor or workers' exposure to forced labor, violence or human trafficking.

• Avoid charging employees with recruitment fees or companies that charge such fees to the employee. Avoid fraudulent or misleading recruitment practices. Avoid withholding employee identification documents.


• Ensuring that employees are free to decide whether they want to form or join organizations for the purpose of collective bargaining, as provided for in local legislation. Provide channels for employees to escalate or report complaints without retaliation.

• Prohibition of physical, sexual or psychological harassment, exploitation or coercion.

• Ensuring that the recruitment, pay and employment conditions of workers are based on their suitability for the job and not on their personal characteristics such as racial or national origin, gender, religion, minority origin, disability, pregnancy, age or other features protected by local law

Equal opportunities and respect

• All our employees and business partners have the right to equal, polite and fair treatment.

Fair business conduct

• Our relationships with our business partners are characterized by a high degree of trust, fairness and a high degree of independence in making business decisions.

• Our business decisions must not be influenced by private interests or personal goals, this includes the giving of the gift and the acceptance of the gift.

• We condemn and combat all forms of bribery and corruption, oblige our employees to refrain from giving or accepting unauthorized sums of money, gifts, hospitality or other benefits, and are prohibited from giving gifts or other negotiable securities in the form of cash or securities.

• Maintain and comply with corporate code of conduct, including the prohibition of bribery of government officials.

• Respect for the intellectual property of others.


• The information obtained by our employees in connection with the operation of the company must be treated confidentially, it can only be used legally to perform the tasks.

• All data and information obtained during the work is the property of our company.

• Our employees are fully obliged to comply with the regulations set out in the company's workplace data management regulations.

Environmental Protection

• In order to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment, the company's management operates an environmental management system.

• In order to reduce the risk of pollution from vehicle assemblies, we support the servicing of vehicle assemblies exclusively by a specialist workshop.

• In order to reduce the burden on the environment, we are interested in the maintenance, operation and continuous development of a vehicle tracking system using modern IT tools.

Economic crimes

• Our company undertakes to know and comply with the export laws of Hungary and the European Union, to accept the export controls, sanctions and customs legislation, as well as the legislation prescribed by the United Nations and the provisions in force in any other country to protect goods and  technology from unlawful use, sale, transfer or re-export.

• Our company also undertakes not to export or transfer, directly or indirectly, goods or technology to countries that are subject to trade embargoes imposed by the EU, the UN or the competent government.

• We guarantee that these goods or technologies will not be exported to a banned or restricted country, person or entity that is on the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee's consolidated list, the European Union's consolidated list of restrictive measures or to persons, groups, or entities whos are facing with the EU's financial sanctions.

The provisions of this Code of Ethics are effective from June 26, 2021.

Kecskemét, June 19, 2021

Sziládi József